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  • 4/19 2:45 pm - Overall the product lacks a diversity in its portfolio. Continue to grow your portfolio and shoot as much as you can. The first shot of the girl has a pretty fast frame rate and I would question why, although that's a personal choice. The use of gimbal in the football shot needs some work as well. Remember your movement needs to have a purpose and it can't be just to show off a cool gimbal. Still, some really neat cam position in the dramatic work in this portfolio.
  • 3/2 10:33 am - Pros - Overall good narrative compositions throughout. Smooth movements and compelling imagery, particularly inside the house and the girl with the red hair. Good coloring and tonality on those shots as well. The opening shot has great texture with different lighting qualities used. The shot at 0:49 has nice movement and compels the viewer as more imagery is revealed. Same with the shot at 1:04. Great CU at 1:01. Cons - The football shots do not add much to your reel. Most of them lack a clear focus and are in such stark contrast with the rest of your shots, they feel out of place. The t-shirt cannon sequence at 0:55 is the only part that doesn't seem to work against what you're going for. Most of the day exterior shots are relatively flat (except for 1:01, which has great depth) but are saved by your use of color contrast with the red coat and yellow scarf. The CU at 0:47 has awkward framing (eyes too low) and without a reference point it feels unbalanced. The mirror shot at 1:22 is a nice concept but leave something to be desired in the execution...the canted angle makes it feel rushed and does not match the mood. Overall a strong reel and would greatly improve with some refinement and a wider variety of skill on display.
Judge 1

Positives: • I love the variety of projects & equipment used to showcase your ability to use multiple types of camera equipment & techniques • Some very unique composition ideas here, which lend to your creative ideas as a cinematographer- keep it up!

Improvements: • Some shots were a bit dark/underexposed • Shots w/ the red-haired girl are not 24 fps, which can be distracting

Judge 2

Positives: The most impressive aspect of this reel was the girl in red. The color was stunning and eye-catching and the shots were creative and balanced. The opening shot of the record player was unique in that shadows were utilized to convey the emotion in the scene. As a whole, there was a variety of shots and movement.

Improvements: The sports shots were too long and could have been more appealing if there were cuts to break up the long walking gimble shots. The color was flat on the sporting footage as well. Since the piece opened with a strong shot of the record player, I was hoping for more but the other shots from that piece were not as creatively composed.

Judge 3

Positives: I appreciated the 'story' unfolding in the reel. One could see the dynamics of the shot working together to give an energetic set of scenes. I liked the central character as a vehicle for the elements that were stitched together; the camera reveals were well done.

Improvements: The scenes were a hodge-podge of lighting conditions and kept coming back to the 'game night' event. The edits could have been a little smoother. The long 'Steadicam' shot of the games on a Friday night were a bit too frenetic and we see the DP's shadow in the shot. I think it could have been edited out for this shot.

Judge 4