Tyler DeMott Cinematography Reel 2021-2022 - ID# 271

Maine South

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A compilation of Tyler DeMott's project work throughout the 2021-2022 school year. Music courtesy of: "Ellie's Home Stretch" by the Great North Sound Society, from the YouTube Audio Library

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Recent Teacher Comments

  • 4/19 2:47 pm - Your overall look is very clean. Not much in the way of advanced color grading. Good use of slow motion and some pretty neat shots with the matches in time lapse. I think the reel has a great mix of dramatic filmmaking as well as documentary filmmaking. You can tell you have been crafting a portfolio for a few years now. Continue to work on using colors and your final edits to evoke emotions from your viewers.
  • 3/2 5:01 pm - Pros - Very impressive work overall. Lots of compositional variety and in all types of lighting situations. Good demonstration of control when it comes to movement, exposure, and focus. Creative opening title and the use of fire and smoke punctuates a reel filled with shots that have great texture (0:00, 0:11, 0:25, 0:38, 1:00, 1:11, 1:41, 1:56). Strong artificial lighting skill on display in the night car shots (0:28, 1:07) and 1:37-1:48. Good framing and composition of faces throughout. Cons - Lots of dynamic shots with good depth single out the occasional flat shot (0:27, 1:21). Lots of glare on the guitar shot (0:53) gives the impression that it is overexposed. Not much to critique as this was a very strong piece. Keep up the good work.
Judge 1

Positives: • Some very beautiful, creative use of lighting here- you have a style & should definitely keep experimenting with it, if that's what you're drawn to! • Very dynamic reel from beginning to end- great combination of projects, styles and moments to really showcase your ability to convey powerful emotional moments through the camera.

Improvements: • Some shots are more 'broadcast' than cinematic, which isn't necessarily bad, but can be a bit jarring • I'm glad you're trying something with the title sequence- work with it a bit more to refine it; maybe remove the red explosion & simplify it!

Judge 2

Positives: There was a great use of different frame rates/play-back speeds. There was a wide variety of different locations/conditions demonstrating great camera knowledge for filming indoors/outdoors and light/dark settings. There was a great use and variety of color in many of the pieces.

Improvements: Several of the shots were a little long and could have been trimmed for the purposes of the reel. The reel could have benefited from a higher energy (faster-paced music and quicker cuts).

Judge 3

Positives: A great opening with attention detail. An equally impressive use of the camera speeds to show the details of the scenes throughout. I appreciated the attention to the subjects and pace at which the shots were accomplished, especially with the board game unfolding and the observant nature of the camerawork.

Improvements: I think the use of the edits were good but sometimes there were some 'superfluous' shots in the reel. The first 14 seconds, while excellent, could have been made shorter to show more of the DP's reel. Content is important and the intro could be shorter. The action scenes were energetic but lacked a sense of completion; I would have liked to have scene more of the crowds' emotions on the reel. I always felt I was merely observing from the side and not part of the action (action that was potentially the more intriguing of the two).

Judge 4