HS Cinematography Reel - ID# 38

Glenbrook South

Entry Description

Compilation of work that I have filmed for various school projects, sports teams, and personal endeavors throughout the past year.

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Recent Teacher Comments

  • 4/20 2:04 pm - Some real top-notch Sports cinematography going on here. Very creative and technically sound Sports video here. There's also some really Fantastic composition going on in many of the shots. For a portfolio, I'd like to see more diverse shooting and some more creative dramatic filming that highlights your ability a controlled lighting. Even if you're planning on shooting documentary in the future, working in dramatic narrative Arena can help make you a better documentary shooter. Overall a really clean aesthetic.
  • 3/2 4:20 pm - Pros - Overall a very strong collection of shots. The docu-style footage of live event sports coverage is very good. Smooth movement and good composition for those shots. Even some of the more composed shots (0:03, 0:09, and even 1:12) felt very raw like they would fit in a nonfiction piece as well. Cons - A few tweaks would really ramp up the quality of this reel. Watch your horizon line (0:08, 0:12) and focus (0:34) in some shots, as they are slightly off and distracts the viewer from the story you are telling. The hockey shot at 0:04 is too dark and renders flat as a result. Good use of colored light throughout, although all of it seems really hard as does not flatter your subject's faces the way a softer light could. Your strength is definitely capturing faces in candid moments with really swell framing.
Judge 1

Positives: • The pacing of the edit w/ the music kept me interested from beginning to end; very nice choices here • You have a good variety of shots, situations & moments here

Improvements: • Footage looks more broadcast than cinematic at times • Some shots are lower quality & don't have any color grade, which makes them look like something shot on a phone rather than a carefully crafted shot with a DSLR/camera/etc.

Judge 2

Positives: There was a wide variety of shots depicting different subject matters. Some of the stronger shots within the piece were the ones of the rowing team.

Improvements: As a whole, this reel was more on the conservative side with minimal zooming, panning, and angles. The football shots could have benefited from quicker cuts

Judge 3

Positives: What worked well was the energetic composition of the shots to deliver a fast paced and dynamic medley of youthful enthusiasm. I appreciated the ideas contained within the editing. I also liked the juxtaposition of the 'direction' of the scenes where the energies were directed in a certain direction and you could see the greater landscape beyond the frame. I liked the dolly shot of the cheerleaders from behind as well as the crew heading down in the frame.

Improvements: Music and sound were a bit overwhelming and seemed to compete with the various scenes of the reel; I think it could have been better with a more synchronized approach to sound. I think the best scenes were the musical voids when the sound cut out to show the cinematic drama of the sports scenes or the 'winning moments.'

Judge 4