OS Cinematography Reel - ID# 44

Glenbrook South

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Compilation of shots taken from school projects throughout my senior year of high school.

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Recent Teacher Comments

  • 3/1 10:27 am - Pros - Strong, balanced compositions throughout. Good control of natural lighting environments (0:07, 0:37, 0:52, 1:01). Movements are smooth and compliment on-screen performance, especially slow push in at 0:44. Good production design aided your already strong compositions. Very strong work. Cons - Not much to critique here because the submission is so strong. Your messiest shot is the two shot at 0:48; the frame is really busy with all the golf clubs and the overhead lighting casts a lot of stark shadows on the character's eyes, which is drastically different from the motivated lighting in the scene and does not compliment anything else in your reel. Your football sequence at 1:17 is a bit flat. Overall very strong work.
Judge 1

Positives: • Many shots here, notably the bearded guy @ 0:11 and the one w/ the three characters @ 0:20 are really good; they showcase a well thought-out, careful approach to cinematography that says to me that you're serious about this as a career. • Great variety of still shots & moving shots, wide shots & closeups- you have a good eye and that will take you far.

Improvements: • There are some shots in here that are weaker than others, and you probably know which they are; Of course, as you shoot more, you'll be able to swap those out with better work- you have lots of time to continue improving; That said, you're at a great starting point. • The football shots take me out of it- they're not as cinematic

Judge 2

Positives: There was a wide variety of creative uses of lighting in most of the examples in this reel. There was a clear demonstration of camera skill through different panning, tilting, and zooming. There were multiple different types of video pieces (interviews, creative, sports highlights) that demonstrated a wide range of skills.

Improvements: Several of the shots were long and could have been trimmed down for the purposes of the reel. There could have been a greater variety of camera angles utilized.

Judge 3

Positives: I liked the narrative discovery of the characters as the reel unfolded; the sense of discovery was made evident. I liked the narrative within the reel that showed some sense of production design where the lighting was a more controlled effort. Also, the backlight on the characters made those specific shots more engaging.

Improvements: Some of the night time scenes were lacking in a context of where we were; it's always helpful to have a sense of where we are in the background, especially at night. I think the music was a bit detached; it could have been a little more engaging in my opinion.

Judge 4