IHSA Cheerleading Sectionals

Riverside Brookfield
Live Event Coverage Sports

Entry Description

This year, RBHS hosted the 2013 IHSA Cheerleading Sectionals. These are highlights from this seven hour event.

Judge 1

Positives: Good job on graphic keys and soft filter on the video image. There was only one camera angle so could not judge on direction;

Improvements: Audio was over-modulated; there really only one highlight with action.

Judge 2

Positives: The shots followed the action. The announcer did a good job. He was enthusiastic and didn't sound like he was reading a script even when we saw that he was.

Improvements: Would have liked to have seen more cut aways.

Judge 3

Positives: Nice job. Good job of directing. Nice camera angle changes. Commentary was informative and easy to listen to.

Improvements: Maybe use a few close-up shots during the routines.