Good Day - Dramatic Narrative - W

Lyons Township
Dramatic Narrative

Entry Description

This is a short film about a young man named Jim who is living a broken and sad life until one day he decides to finally stand up for himself. Produced by Mac Koziarz.

Judge 1

Positives: some good closeups

Improvements: maybe should have been less humor in dramatic narrative category.

Judge 2

Positives: Piece is well-shot and well-lit. Use of opening and closing sequences set in blackout worked well.

Improvements: Although standing up for oneself is indeed a noble goal and I'd like to root for this guy, there's a logic gap here that makes that kind of hard to do. Even though he is nagged by his girlfriend and mother, he handled himself pretty unprofessionally with his boss -- taking personal phone calls in the middle of a meeting, staying on the phone too long, having to answer to his Mom about making his bed, etc., etc. To quit is OK but how is telling someone to 'shut the hell up' standing up for yourself?

Judge 3

Positives: Writing and acting worked well Editing worked well

Improvements: Story development could have included a little more insight into the frustrations of the main character.