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Entry Description

This is a clip from the 4th quarter of an epic football game. Directed by Eric Donnermeyer. Submitted to the Chicagoland High School Video Festival 2013.

Judge 1

Positives: Good direction and called cameras to follow action well. Even though some camera operators didn't quite followed the action or ball all the way through. Technically good, and good exposure.

Improvements: Camera could follow action better; Commentators are quiet at various parts, and don't state what the yardage gain of the first play or give basic stats on down, yard, who has the ball etc. - needs improvement in that area.

Judge 2

Positives: Good job. Good mix of wide shots with close ups. You cut or zoomed in when the shot called for it. And you stayed wide at the beginning of the plays to let the action play out.

Improvements: After the pass play, it seemed like maybe too many cuts, especially the shot of the linemen. After the low snap, you might have wanted to cut to a closer shot quicker than you did.

Judge 3

Positives: Nice job. The direction was good and the technical quality was good also. The replay was outstanding. Nice job on the commentary, very informative.

Improvements: Close-up camera needs to follow the action better. That camera operator starts well but gets lost by the end of the play. Just takes practice.Maybe add a few more close-up shots to the broadcast.