3rd Place


Hockey - LEC Sports - W

Lyons Township
Live Event Coverage Sports

Entry Description

A hockey game that demonstrates what happens when one team has a bench full of talented varsity players and the other does not. Produced by Sean Murphy. Submitted to the Chicagoland High School Video Festival 2013.

Judge 1

Positives: Good job on cameras following the action. Excellent job on direction and calling the shots on a fast moving game.

Improvements: Commentators were knowledgeable but didn't show much enthusiasm.

Judge 2

Positives: Good job on covering this. Hockey is a very tough sport to follow on video. Good job of mixing the shots up.

Improvements: A couple of times the action was behind a post or out of frame on the low angle corner shots. Be ready to cut to a different camera if this happens. Sometimes the shot was a little too tight to see the action. I wasn't sure if the player still had the puck or not.

Judge 3

Positives: Great job. Outstanding switching. Kept up with the speed of the game. Great camera work. The commentary was also great and informative. I really enjoyed it. Nice

Improvements: I would change anything. Great.