Glenbrook South
Dramatic Narrative

Entry Description

Two close sisters realize they're dating the same guy! They conger up a plan to take revenge, but who's really getting the revenge?

Judge 1

Positives: beautiful lake shots. i am sure you worked hard on your script

Improvements: pink tones distracting. edits--to car and to lake.

Judge 2

Positives: Good lighting and shot selection. Good selection of shooting venues.

Improvements: spelled: conjure Uneven audio in several places. Music can enhance or help set the mood of the piece, so the cheerful upbeat music at the end perhaps is not the best choice. Story twists can be great dramatic devices, but was hoping for more depth in the resolution then violence.

Judge 3

Positives: Camera Work was good. Writing was clear and actresses did a good job of showcasing the issue.

Improvements: The "Hitchcock" type ending did not have enough build up for the audience to appreciate it. One more scene was necessary to set it up. Music selection could have been better.