Paranormal Hunters

Glenbrook South
Dramatic Narrative

Entry Description

In the finale of the second episode of CA$H, a Glenbrook South sketch comedy show, the gang goes on a hunt for the most dangerous game - Raptor Boy.

Judge 1

Positives: tossing of photo and sheets onto ping pong table and some other great camera shots.

Improvements: the beeps indicating inappropriate language--the fact that the need existed at all. an odd conclusion

Judge 2

Positives: Well done visual effect of gun blasting away the 'dangerous game'. Good use of music to build suspense.

Improvements: Brawn is spelled brawn (unless the guy's name is Braun) Not sure I understand the subtitles with different words than those being said, unless it's an inside joke. Realize the language was beeped, but it's really not necessary to use it at all. Pretty realistic weapon, albeit an unrealistic implosion of the raptor who then managed re-materialize on the ground, not to mention behind the group.

Judge 3

Positives: Camera work is good Visual transitions are good

Improvements: Story line could be stronger Written dialog could be more effective...eliminating text