Hinsdale Central vs York - Live Event - Sports - O

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Hinsdale Central vs York - Live Event - Sports - O

Judge 1

Positives: Audio is clean and a good mix. Only one camera so cannot judge on direction

Improvements: Commentators talked over each other and made it confusing for the viewer; Video aspect ratio is squashed - 16:9 squashed into 4:3

Judge 2

Positives: Cameraman followed the action well. Commentators knew the game and were enthusiastic.

Improvements: Make sure the camera is level. Since there was only one camera, use zooms whenever the action calls for it to enhance the production.

Judge 3

Positives: Good work. Camera work was good for single camera. Exposure and focus was good.

Improvements: Needed another camera for close-up shots. The commentary was too much of talking over each other. Distracting.