Glenbard West vs Hinsdale Central Basketball-Live Event coverage sports-O

Hinsdale Central
Live Event Coverage Sports

Entry Description

Live event

Judge 1

Positives: Camera followed action well. When I did understand the commentators they seemed knowledgable about the sport.

Improvements: Video format was not correct - as in 16-9 image squashed into a 4:3 aspect ratio; Audio was over-modulated and not understandable; Only one camera shot, so could not really judge on Direction or Composition

Judge 2

Positives: The commentators wer knowledgable and knew the game. For the most part, the cameraman followed the action of the game.

Improvements: Would have liked to have seen at least one more camera

Judge 3

Positives: Good job. Looks like only single camera shoot. The camera operator followed the action well. The commentary was very informative.

Improvements: Need more cameras. The only camera was too wide. Frame up the wide camera a little tighter and crop the top some. Commentary audio feed was too hot and distorted. It's too bad because the commentary was good.