Psychotic-dramatic narrative-O

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Dramatic Narrative

Entry Description

silent but golden

Judge 1

Positives: interesting camera work in hallways

Improvements: text that might help explain the story.

Judge 2

Positives: Use of music helped enhance suspense, horror. Camera work and lighting well done. Good choice of shooting venues.

Improvements: Moving shot of storeroom dungeon was out of focus -- may have been the intent to make it seem otherworldly. Some plot holes: Not clear how the second guy knew that missing girl was 'dead' Blackhawks jersey guy's grief was pretty brief Were there no repercussions from bludgeoning/kidnapping people? So no one would in the hall would notice a gun tucked in your jeans?

Judge 3

Positives: Technical aspects of shooting and editing worked well Music enhanced story to help overcome no dialogue

Improvements: This story needs audio dialogue One scene showed people talking with no sound...could have been eliminated or changed to body movements