Bulldog Wrestling

Riverside Brookfield
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RBTV Game of the Week - Bulldog Wrestling

Judge 1

Positives: Camera angles were good, and it was technically clean. Direction was good - avoiding the ref getting into the camera shot.

Improvements: Commentators were knowledgeable but needed a little more enthusiasm. Camera hung on the commentator's table as the action got started.

Judge 2

Positives: Overall the shot selections were good. It kept the flow of the match going. Good video quality.

Improvements: Would have liked to have seen a closeup of the wrestlers at the end of the match.

Judge 3

Positives: Great job. I really enjoyed watching the broadcast. The commentary was informative and easy to listen to. Camera work was pretty good. It is hard for the close-up camera, but did well after the early start. Direction was great and loved the replay. Outstanding job.

Improvements: I wouldn't change anything. Just keep up with the action. Remember your eyes are the viewers eyes.