Tommy Rises

Glenbrook South
Dramatic Narrative

Entry Description

Tommy Rises is a exciting thriller taking places in the halls of GBS. An evil villain, Bull, has taken over the building, and the only thing that can stop him is our school mascot, Tommy the Titan.

Judge 1

Positives: tommy, an interesting character. some good camera shots

Improvements: the villain.

Judge 2

Positives: Camerawork was good overall. Good use of music to build suspense, drama.

Improvements: When Tommy was trimming the hedges it was daytime but by the time he got to the bleachers, it was nighttime. Long walk? Sometimes shot continuity is important.

Judge 3

Positives: Excellent story development Music sound track adds great momentum

Improvements: Tommie in Full Mask but Bull just in face mask seems somewhat uneven...Bull needed more costuming (small point) The one part of the story that seemed somewhat week was the the grades backstory