VHHS Football vs Warren 2nd quarter

Vernon Hills
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Entry Description

Our friday night game.

Judge 1

Positives: Technically very good. Cameras followed action well and direction of cameras were good.

Improvements: Commentators seemed unsure of themselves and were not knowledgeable about who the players were; Need to work on basic play-by-play comments.

Judge 2

Positives: Good job calling the shots. Mixed up the different cameras good. Commentators were enthusiastic.

Improvements: A couple of times the cuts were too close to the same shots. Almost jump cuts and I had a hard time finding the runner after the cut. Make sure you have a big enough difference in camera shots. The reason for the cuts is to let the viewer get a better view of the play. It should be seamless and the viewer shouldn't even notice the cut.

Judge 3

Positives: Good job. Good direction and good camera following the action.

Improvements: Commentary could have been smoother.