3rd Place :: Division AA



Maine East
Dramatic Narrative

Entry Description

A weary assassin is assigned one last job by his boss.

Judge 1

Positives: some interesting shots and B/W imagery. musical score fit well into the plot line.

Improvements: would have preferred less violence.

Judge 2

Positives: Film noir captured extremely well. Great camerawork, lighting, visual effects and editing throughout. Good use of music to help build suspense.

Improvements: Realistic blood splatter on billiard table, and even though the black and white made it slightly less shocking, not entirely sure it was necessary to include. Logic begs the question, why shoot everyone else and not shoot the ultimate target? This was a very well done piece, just wish that all your talents could be used for a piece without violence and with some hope for humanity.

Judge 3

Positives: Dramatic Music enhanced the text dialogue Shooting scenes in the house were edited well

Improvements: story line and concept could use strengthening. The fact that the main character is a hit man is obvious....That he is tired and this is his last job is not. Putting the guards of the "victim" in the same clothing seemed ironic and unreal...also confusing to the viewer.