Do You Understand?

West Chicago
Dramatic Narrative

Entry Description

"The unending pressures of the high school experience nearly derail one frustrated young man, leading him to wonder if anyone truly understands what it is he's going through." An original drama.

Judge 1

Positives: great dialogue

Improvements: lighting. uneven sound

Judge 2

Positives: Running sequences well shot and well edited and help enhance the feeling of pressure -- time and overscheduling and always being rushed.

Improvements: Lighting needs improving in the opening narration sequences, uneven because later it's better lit. Audio of scene with his father uneven. Perhaps a montage of shots of classrooms, taking tests, at library to visually show the overscheduling pressures he's talking about.

Judge 3

Positives: Well written script. Camera work and locations selections very effective.

Improvements: Editing could have been a little more creative Music selection could be enhanced