A Misunderstanding

West Chicago
Dramatic Narrative

Entry Description

"When a cheating girlfriend leaves an overlooked voicemail before arriving unexpectedly after an ill-advised dalliance, the fate that should have befallen her lover accidentally becomes her own." An original drama.

Judge 1

Positives: some interesting camera shots

Improvements: lighting didn't understand the cell phone segment--how found and to whom the dialogue is referring.

Judge 2

Positives: Good, clean camera work in opening sequence. The wrench shots and music build to the tension of the future violence being planned. Shows a tragic injury/death through good shot sequence without resorting to gratuitious violence.

Improvements: Lightingand camera in laundry room argument scene. Emotional response of protagonist to accident was not real clear. Was he sorry, sad, upset, scared? Was she fatally injured?

Judge 3

Positives: The "setting" worked well . The "Hitchcock" ending of regret and discovery was clever.

Improvements: Dialogue could have been more dramatic.. The selection of music background could have been stronger