1st Place :: Division AA


Locker Buddies

Maine East
Dramatic Narrative

Entry Description

In this silent motion picture, an innocent crush turns deadly.

Judge 1

Positives: some really interesting camera work. silent film concepts worked many times.

Improvements: some contrived scenes, such as the conclusion

Judge 2

Positives: Time passing sequences at the locker worked very well. Parking lot and darkened house scenes built suspense well. Not a fan of violence but closing sequence well done to imply violence without actually showing it.

Improvements: Audio, music a little uneven, and occassionally too loud. Lightheartedness of first half of piece doesn't necessarily prepare viewers for the violent conclusion.

Judge 3

Positives: Visual depiction of the time line of the "Buddy" affair was clever with changing locker decorations and fast time editing Editing contributed a lot to effectiveness of the story i.e. close up of mouths during angry exchange at the lockers

Improvements: Could use more build up for the discovery of another girl friend Drastic ending could also use more dramatic build up than just the ride home in the car and the lights out